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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Pole Posters and the Sony NEX-6

A few weeks ago I found myself in Ottawa with a couple hours to kill in between some meetings.  I decided to go for a walk downtown around Bank Street and visit a little camera store that specialised in older photo equipment.  In the couple years since I had last come down this street, it looked like the store had closed down, but I did get to take a few shots of some posters stuck to lamp poles, which were quite fascinating.  All the shots below were taken at ether f2 or f2.8.

I did though get to visit Henry's and got to take a good look at both the Sony NEX-6 and the Sony RX-100.  The NEX-6 is an impressive camera, but I wasn't as impressed with the view finder as I thought I would be.  However the tiny 16-50mm kit lens is a tiny piece of zoom pancake beauty.  

The RX-100 is also impressive, with the sales person saying he actually purchased one for himself.  Interestingly the depth of field does not vary greatly wide open across the zoom range, between 24mm f1.8 and 100mm f4.9.  The RX-100 is pretty cool, but I have to admit I am lovin' the red leather on the closely matched rival, the Fuji XF-1.

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