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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Pet Peeve

One of my really big pet peeves is when AA battery cells leak through your equipment.  Earlier this week I found one had leaked through my Nikon SB-800 flash, which I was very displeased about.  The acidic goop had sealed the battery compartment door shut, and it took quite a bit of cleaning and pushing to get it open.

After ditching the batteries it was quite a tedious cleanup process, and I had to sand paper the contacts down a couple times before it would work again.
Despite generally having a habit of keeping batteries out of equipment, this is probably the third or fourth time this has happened.  It also happened with my SB-28 flash and my Nikon F90X that I had a while back.

It's one good thing about the manufacturer supplied lithium ion batteries, it makes these leakages a thing of the past for cameras.

Outside North 44 restaurant - Sony NEX 5n w/ Sigma 30mm f2.8


  1. This has happened to me many times as well. Generally, it is the cheap batteries that leak easily. Duracell and the Bunny brand don't usually leak.

    1. The weird thing was it was with what I thought were better quality Panasonic batteries