Snapshot Voyager is about my own personal photography journey. I am always looking to try something new, inquisitive as to how it works, and to the end results I might achieve.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Welcome to Snapshot Voyager!

A very warm welcome to Snapshot Voyager!  As you’ll find out, it’s all about my discoveries as I voyage through the wonderful world of photography. 

My initial introduction to photography was from my father, a photography enthusiast since his teens.  However it wasn’t until my early-mid 20’s that I took up the interest.  My first camera that I could call my own was a Nikon F60 with a rather awful Tokina 28-210mm lens made by Cosina.  What it sparked was a constant fascination to try something different, and to embark on a voyage of  photography.  

Where will it take me?  Dunno, but I sure will have fun getting there!

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