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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Engagement Shoot

Every so often I get asked to do a photo shoot for friends, whether it be engagement, wedding or baby photos.  A few weeks ago I did an engagement shoot.  I didn't put really prepare much, and took the D600 and 3 lenses, all of which were Sigma, the 20mm f1.8, the 85mm f1.4, and the 35mm f1.4; the latter of which I took around 70% of the photos.  I also took my SB-800 flash, and two vintage cameras, a Leica IIIf and a Yashica TLR as working props.

It was a fun shoot, shot mostly in Yorkville and in the Brickworks (until we got kicked out) and I used a lot of their ideas and props.  Here's some of the better shots from the day.

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