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Friday, 7 June 2013

Nikon 35Ti Results

Recently I go the film back that I had been waiting to have processed that I shot with my Nikon 35Ti, and I was very pleased with the results. You can read my initial impressions here. I shot Kodak E100VS E6 slide film, and after reading some user reviews on the web, I set the exposure compensation for +2/3 of a stop.  This was a wise and fortuitous move, as all the exposures were close to spot on.

The other thing that impressed me was sharpness.  The lens in this camera is excellent, with tons of detail resolved on the film.  A 35mm f2.8 lens is enough to isolate objects and throw the background out of focus, as well as keeping the lens small.

There are two things that annoy me even more about the camera from when I used it..  The first is that the panoramic switch is easily and unknowingly moved, so a lot of my shots were (sadly) cropped.  The second is you can't tell if critical focus has been acheived.  Some of my shots, especially those close to the subject when wide open, were out of focus.  Not much you can do about this though.

Lastly, the flash works fine, but it sure doesn't have the finesse of my Fuji X100 for fill in.

Otherwise, I was really very pleased with the quality of the photos, and I think I'll hang on to this camera for a while.

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